We Make You Money,? Not Cost You Money!

Social media is an important and shifting facet of digital marketing, and particularly valuable in the Internet buying cycle, primarily because of the unique opportunities for social media digital interactions with consumers at numerous points in the buying cycle. Remember consumers spend more time on social media than on web browsing and emailing combined.


Shopping Cart Owners Do Not Use Social Media For These Reasons

  • Cost,?to post and manage to high
  • ROI is not easily proven
  • Social Media manual posting is time-consuming
  • No Time to manage, post and review?social media posting
  • Specialized staff to handle Social Media not available
  • Part-time social media staff not dependable

We Provide These Solutions

  • We reduce posting cost to?$1 per post
  • By Automating Posting to multiple Social Media sites Daily
  • We allow you to choose the?Social Media Sites you deem important
  • We post your website content, images, ?and descriptions every day?on Social Media
  • We do all the work
  • These postings populate inbound links which improve your page ranking on search engines
  • These posting display images, descriptions and links back to your products
  • Some Social Media sites allow for prices with buy now links back to your checkout.
  • We also create Social Media Meta Tags and set up Structured Data on your products
  • Providing email Alerts listing all Posts created DAILY
  • We install and update your Google Analytics code to track social conversions to produce monthly ROI
  • Monthly we tabulate the number of ?inbound links?from Google
  • We monitor and recommend how to improve.

Outsourcing your Social Media posting to MVI, you will spend less versus manual methods, improve your page ranking from new inbound links daily, display your product images to hundred of thousand new eyes, be more informed about cost versus income from our monthly in-depth reports.

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