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MVIsolutions 1/26/2016

Google doesn’t announce search updates very often, so when they do we pay attention. On 4/21/2015 they announced the mobile friendly change. But after that update, MVI noticed significant keyword ranking movement that did not originate from the MOBILE FRIENDLY search change. Then, on May 19th, Google advised a modification to the core algorithm relating to measuring content quality had been released in early May 2015.

Traditionally and prior to this date all content quality measurement had been performed through Panda updates. but this most recent update in May 2015, was made to the core algorithm and signals Google future direction is to reward quality content. What is clear, is that modifications made in the last several weeks further validate the need for a website to display content quality, superior navigation and supported by social media posts.

Panda updates were first released in February 2011 and affected more than 10% of queries and focused on a number of factors all centered around the words used on the page. Those factors, as far as the Google explains, looked at everything from how well content is written, how well the page fits navigational within the query and even the relevance and quality of the links pointing to, and into, that content. Google Search patent covers this in more detail, explaining how the filter may work in principle and control generic ranking.

Keyword ranking and changes are tracked through Google webmaster tools, which we used to discover the modification to the core algorithm relating to measuring content quality.  For those not aware of how webmaster tools work; it tracks dozens of key ranking elements by vertical over time, allowing us to understand which features affect rankings and how they vary over time.

While keyword ranking always varies there are two particular elements that have produced increases in the past few weeks:

Time visitor spends on Site there is an increasing correlation between how long people stay on site and how well that site ranks. Since May 1 we have noticed an unmistakable uptick in the number of high-ranking sites with time on site who have a reduced bounce rate.

Social Signals. It’s a new area for Google to begin tracking. Further enhanced by the news that Google had struck a deal with Twitter to show tweets on search pages. To do this it requires Google to get access to data from Twitter. We have been monitoring very closely social traffic links and the initial data set suggests there has been the definite positive movement to track and measure social media influences on websites. Twitter will be integrated in July 2015 as Googles engineers finalize how they are using the data post.

What does this mean? Does this change anything?

That really depends on your current strategy. Clearly investment in quality content becomes even more important as sites now have incentives to produce it. On the one hand quality content improves time on site and promotes social sharing of the content. Both facts point to the need for Social posting.

What is clear is that the reward for creating quality content and allowing other to appreciate it on social media has taken a major step forward.

How important is your email? MVI email services are designed to be highly redundant. Your e-mail will be handled by a completely separate, yet fully integrated system that is on separate storage and hardware cluster. Our email system employs much of the same redundant technology our Redundant Hosting systems do. The frontend machines are interchangeable so if one physical machine were to fail it would simply and seamlessly start using the next server in line. We designed this system to compliment the redundant hosting offered to website owners.

MVI’s email hosting customers enjoy a fully redundant email hosting solution.  Our customers are hosted on a mail cluster meaning a copy of the data is written in real-time to two physical servers. This redundant hosted email system operates with backup and multiple servers and 3 system email backup storage.

Customers of MVI redundant email hosting solution are provided a full suite of features including Webmail, email client access, mobile sync with 1000 different mobile handsets and calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes. For most companies businesses email is a vital communication tool that cannot be unavailable regardless of the situation. Backing up data is important as is redundancy or duplicate hardware in place online and ready for service.

Redundant Hosting In NAP Environment

Redundant hosting is ideal for anyone who needs the peace of mind that can be found in enterprise class web hosting.

MVI’s Redundant Web Hosting is designed to keep downtime of your internet operation to an absolute minimum, targeting businesses who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget. Best suited to websites that are not busy enough to need the increased dedicated server but still would like to have access to enterprise level hardware with substantial uptime guarantee.

MVI utilizes enterprise equivalent servers with state of the art software. We utilize two servers, all configured for seamless and automatic failover. All network storage is done in RAID configuration which is then mirrored to a secondary RAID array. The arrays are accessed by frontend servers which serve the data to your websites. There are redundant routes to the storage server so if any equipment failed the secondary would take over instantly. In addition to this redundancy, all data is backed up every 6 hours to a third location in an easily restorable format.

If the server you have hosted on experiences a failure, traffic would be automatically migrated to an identical backup server without any prolonged downtime. This is a true redundancy that is affordable. MVI Solutions designed our redundant web hosting to offer our customers an affordable shared hosting solution with enterprise level dependability.

MVI’s smallest redundant hosting plan will be around $20 dollars a month and scale up depending on your bandwidth and disk space needs.


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