MVI’s web application security tests checks for server side and client side vulnerabilities of traditionally hosted and on the cloud apps. It follows a complete approach to securing applications by using a combination of threat profiling, penetration testing, application security scanning and source code reviews.

Penetration tests and application security scanning check for weaknesses against threats listed under Threat Classification and combined with MVI’s own classified list built from 17 years of application security assessment expertise.

Experts keep cognizance of the threat landscape – Our testers use an up-to-date attack playbook that is developed by in-house experts who monitor the latest hacking techniques across the globe. The result is a robust exploration of your application security that covers all known threats, making it more resilient against modern day hacks.

Verified and validated test results for lower false positives and negatives- Both test and source code review, uses a hybrid approach to application security testing. Automated application security tests are verified by our manual testers to ensure that your developers don’t spend product ingenuity time on verifying test results.

Vulnerability story sketched differently for management and developers- MVI’s powerful online reporting portal lets you receive real time updates of an on-going project and also provides threat rating, remediation guidance, mitigation tracker and much more.

Our job is to protect our customers and their visitors.