Proactive Live Chat

This tool allows visitors to click a chat live link and speak directly with your staff. The tool also provides pro active chat that enables your staff to initiate a conversation with a visitor.

This is instant communication made directly between two parties in a one-to-one chat. This protects the visitor so that other visitors won’t be able to view private communications. The chat dialogue is stored in the database and available only to website owners for later review.

Unlike conventional Internet communication tools, MVI Live Stat Chat Live allows both the site visitor and the site owner to initiate live chat conversations. Since the live chat service is web-based, visitors do not need to download or install any software.

The website staff can view the information about the website visitor in real-time before, during and after chatting with the visitor. The details that are available include: IP address, Company name, Pages viewed, Time on the site, Whether the visitor was returning or unique, Keywords used to get to the site Search Engines searched.