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We have been doing client software development
for 20 years.


When you hire MVI outsource software development team for a project, the staff designated will provide the supervision, skills and experience necessary to complete that project. We have been doing this since 1998, and we are experts, handling software development, design and support.


Lower Cost, our work force is talented outsource developers who reside overseas and work from MVI office in Dhaka. When you outsource we give you a turn key price to complete. Our staff is supervised, submit updates, available to communicate and all work is viewable 24/7.


Hiring a team may be impossible in your area. We bring the talent to your door. Even if you have an in­house staff, they may not have the specific talents necessary. MVI can provide you resources you lack.


Working with MVI developers overseas delivers a perspective from experienced developers who have completed many similar task multiple times. Their opinions and insights provide a better understanding how best to proceed.


MVI trained staff have years of experience. Along with experience comes history, of what has been successful and what has not worked in prior projects. When hiring MVI you get this experience free.

Deciding whether to hire a dedicated
team of developers.

The dedicated team model offers you these unique possibilities.

Main benefits of a dedicated team

  • Cost­effective, the rate of an outsourcing developer is substantial cost savings.
  • In­house team focuses on core tasks while the dedicated team handles the project assigned.
  • The required skills might be not available in your in­house team.

MVI manages our staff for you.

  • MVI manager maintains the log of hours worked, backs up all files to development server, your work is done only in MVI offices. We submit log of hours worked and work accomplished.
  • MVI hires experienced team with years of experience.
  • Schedule regular meetings (at least once a week) where you can discuss what has been done and set goals for the next week.
  • We will calculate the time and cost to complete the project predicated upon specifications provided or shared. MVI provides an estimate of the cost and provide you a time line before starting dedicated software development.

Face­-to­-face communication

  • In the information era clients barely communicate with developers located in the same city or in the office. MVI staff communicate by task­managing applications to keep the clients fully informed. If face­to­face is needed it will be handled by scheduling a development conference via Skype or any number of other electronic tools.

Why Outsource software development

  • Dedicated teams can do any project, hiring the talents to match your needs and terminate when project is complete or go hourly to supply ongoing support.

Business owners regularly face concerns and doubts about overseas outsourcing.

  • Cultural, language, religious differences? MVI is aware of these issues and we hire only English­-speaking developers. MVI publishes work hours in your time zone. We provide schedules and methods to arrange meetings to discuss and review. Our managers are available for any communication in your time zone. We publish a calendar of days off and hours of operation.
  • Can outsource staff understand your goals and direction? MVI team is made of USA based professionals and our team have worked on 112 American projects over the past 20 years. MVI staff is Americanized and have worked project from countries around the world, turning this objection into an advantage when working with MVI.
  • Hidden costs? MVI provide a contract detailing the charges, if an unforeseen change are determined we discuss it with you before proceeding. You will never be invoiced for any expense without you first approving the change.

The MVI Difference

We make a difference

With lean staff in the USA and Bangladesh senior software professionals available at a significant discount over our


Why wait 60­90 days to find a senior software engineer when MVI can provide the best offshore talent in 2 weeks


No automated matching; we handselect your team based on skills, industry experience, availability, and then we provide certified project managers to oversee the engagement.


We have the professionals available who can tackle even the largest, most complex projects.


We have incredibly high standards. MVI hiring process means that only 5% pass our rigorous evaluation and live coding test. Hiring great engineers is expensive and time consuming, let someone do it for you.


We offer full scrum teams that include ui/ux designers, business analysts, qa/testers (manual and automated), developers, db admins, system admin and certified scrum masters

MVI Solutions vs Others

MVI Solutions

  • MVI Solutions guarantees customer’s sensitive data confidentiality with a signed agreement.
  • We will assign a project manager for your project who will report you regularly about progress of your project. You can also have direct communication with your dedicated employee.
  • With MVI Solutions, we provide 100% dedicated resources directly managed by the client. There is no No services layer or intermediaries between client and resources.
  • MVI Solutions provides Fixed monthly cost, no overhead. Cost includes ongoing People Operations, IT & Network, Finance, Legal, Facility, Admin, Accounting, Bonuses, Provident fund, Lunch & snacks, Payroll Services and Insurance costs. Also includes end to end recruitment, workstations space and facilities preparations, networking, security, access, account management and other related set ups.
  • MVI Solutions is USA based Software Company doing business since 1998 and performing for 112 USA Based businesses. We are a Recognized Google Partner and have offices in Florida and Dhaka.

Traditional Outsourcing

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional outsourcing is the risk of losing sensitive data and the loss of confidentiality.
  • Losing management control of business functions mean that you may no longer be able to control operations and deliverables of activities that you outsource.One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional outsourcing is the risk of losing sensitive data and the loss of confidentiality.
  • Since the outsourcing provider may work with other customers, they might not give 100% time and attention to a single company. This may result in delays and inaccuracies in the work output

Other offshore companies

  • Be aware of all the hidden cost.
  • Risks such as bankruptcy and financial loss