MVI Solutions Data Center Migration

At MVI Hosting we believe that superior service is what the industry demands. Whether it’s moving your equipment into a more secure, stable facility or simply determining how to scale your IT infrastructure to your businesses needs, MVI Solutions has a very large hosting facility.

Existing data center IT infrastructure was legacy & most of the Hardware & Software was nearing end-of-support. Moreover, the IT infrastructure was inefficient, space taxing, and does not integrate well with modern applications and technologies. Some of the other reasons to migration were:

  • Redesign and /or Rebuild applications on modern hardware and software technologies.
  • Adopt virtualization & consolidation technologies, Enterprise Shared Services Model
  • Mitigate any data integrity challenges while migrating to modern infrastructure
  • Ensure optimal costs are incurred on Hardware, Software & Labor by making smart decisions on:
    • Hardware & Software reusability
    • Appropriate program phases to minimize bubble period
    • Utilization of appropriate tools & technologies
    • Processes & best practices
    • Deploying right resources

So we have decided to re-shuffle our whole hosting infrastructure and upgrade all servers. We purchased some latest high capacity Dell servers, switch and routers and housed them in a new datacenter that has the state-of-art equipment and is enterprise grade.

A data center migration is a highly strategic project that must be executed without impacting business operations, Service Level Agreements, performance/availability and data protection requirements. Given the dynamic operational environment in which today’s data centers operate, wherein applications and data in the production environment is changing consistently and is being replicated to a remote DR facility on a regular basis, it becomes even more important to look at all the facets of the IT environment and carefully carve the Data Center migration strategy. Every environment has its own challenges and one migration strategy does not fit every environment. It takes several months of planning, re-designing the system and application architecture and migration plan. We took several months for the planning phase. We have decided to go for Virtualized environment for some of the legacy application that requires the older version of PHP, hence older version of OS and for the applications that run on latest technologies, we stick with the dedicated servers. We did physical-to-virtual conversion of all servers while the servers are on-line. After the conversion we shipped the disk, which has virtualization images of all servers. We restored all images in the new hosting facility. After configuring all servers and application for the new datacenter with new network settings, we synced old servers with new servers one by one to make sure that there are no data losses. We had to make sure that there are zero impacts on our client’s services. We re-routed traffic once the syncing was finished. It was not done in one night. It took several nights to successfully migrate all services to new place.

Some of our clients wanted to host their servers in Amazon and Google cloud. We have done the successful migration for them as well. We are maintaining and supporting those servers.

Migration Data Center

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