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At MVI Hosting, we believe that a tier-1, the carrier-neutral network is not the only thing needed to provide a high-speed and reliable shared hosting environment. There should also be a proper server structure in place to allow for fail-overs and load-balancing. Unfortunately, most shared web-hosting environments today are these cheap, one server does it all solutions which we wouldn’t really call a solution at all. Hosting a dynamic, database-driven website with full email capabilities requires more horsepower and robustness than a single server can handle. Hosting on one server alone means that the one server has to handle DNS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Spam Filtering, HTTP, FTP and SQL combined! That means that if any one of these services gets over-worked, then all other ones suffer. That’s why at MVI Hosting, our shared hosting accounts are housed on a multi-server system to provide the best possible speeds and reliability. MVI Hosting has come up with a server infrastructure which allows for maximum reliability while still being affordable. Below is a diagram of our server infrastructure.

Business owners make use of the internet when advertising the reliability of their business service and or products as well as utilizing websites and blogs to engage with their existing clients or followers as well as to reach the future potential business. While most businesses see the value of creating eye-catching content, the importance of selecting a web hosting provider tends to take a back seat on their list of priorities. In our experience here at MVI Solutions, many businesses end up making a wrong choice in the beginning because they do not properly evaluate their needs.

As a business, one of your most important priorities is maximizing your profits and if you think by just choosing any web hosting provider regardless of can’t have a negative impact on your business, think again. The negative impacts when selecting an inferior web hosting provider who is not always able to deliver.   Loss of revenue – If your site goes down, your customers will not be able to view your website or blog which enables them to learn about your services and products. Even worse, if your business is for example, an online store, this will cause you to lose out on sales new business.

Security and Malware Attacks – There is no perfect solution for keeping your website secure. However, a reputable web hosting company such as MVI Solutions, where our support is key as we back up your data to a remote server and make it easy to restore in case your site is hacked. We also assist you with reliable technical support, maintenance and security issues 24 hours a day, that way ensuring your site remains safe and accessible all year round.

There are hundreds of web hosting providers out there but with MVI Hosting we not only make your business and needs our priority with 99.95% uptime, daily backups of your site, managed security, 24/7 online assistance, we ensure our clients valuable peace of mind every step of the way and around every corner, so they don’t have the added frustration and stress of ever wondering whether their site is indeed looked after and protected by one of the Internet’s leading web hosting providers by always delivering on our promises to you.


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