MVISPY Hosting Infrastructure

When developing their mviSPY website analytics system, MVI knew from the very beginning that it would be a server-intensive endeavor. Every time a page is viewed on any site which has the mviSPY scripts on it, a call is made to the mviSPY server which delivers all of the information about that particular page view to the mviSPY system. The mviSPY system then decodes the information and determines which site the information is for and records all of it into the appropriate site database.

So if several busy websites use mviSPY, that quickly adds up to a lot of requests per second that the mviSPY system must handle. Besides the live requests coming into the mviSPY system, there is also a processing component that runs once a minute that executes all of the necessary WHOIS lookups and event trigger notifications. The system has been built in a way that allows different mviSPY site databases to exist on different servers. This makes it relatively easy to place certain amounts of sites on certain servers which allow for more than one server to handle this massive load of requests coming in every second.

With experience setting up load-balancing clusters and high-availability clusters for themselves and their customers, MVI was able to put together a topology that would allow for maximum performance and availability.