Infrastructure Management

The trend of housing all of the IT equipment for a business on the site has become less and less practical. High ISP fee’s coupled with lax security capabilities and poor performance have driven business owners to seek alternate solutions. At MVI Hosting we have that solution.

At MVI Hosting we are keenly aware that your equipment is essential to your daily operation. Having secure access to that information can mean the difference between running an effective business and going out of business. The high cost associated with keeping all of your IT equipment on site has become a real burden on many businesses. The solution to this is to have your IT infrastructure hosted outside your building at a facility that can provide all the bandwidth, security and availability that you would need.

Over the past 16 years, MVI Hosting has worked with several businesses to provide an infrastructure solution that meets their needs. Part of those solutions included creating a dedicated server cluster as a means of spreading a large application across many servers.

Talk to one of our IT Infrastructure consultants and we can guide you through the process of moving that critical equipment to a locale that you can rely on. It will not only make that information more stable and secure, but it will also save you the added cost associated with maintaining that on site.

MVI Hosting’s Infrastructure consultants will take the time to understand your existing setup and will make the transition from on-site to remotely hosted as painless as possible. Should you need a VPN setup or other technical requirements, we will work through establishing the right way to get your IT Infrastructure setup and running as quickly as possible.

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