Fail Safe Hosting

We know that having a reliable FTP connection for your Web site is important. This is what the Failsafe hosting is for. When you register new domain names or switch over your existing domain names to us, you can always get FTP access to the Web server before your new domain name is globally accessible or before the DNS is switched over. This means you can always have your Web site uploaded and ready before people get access to your Web site.

The Failsafe hosting provided by MVI is different from ordinary access by IP redundancy provided by most providers. With an IP address, you will be unable to locate your server in case a major physical path between you and the server is down. However, with  Failsafe hosting, you can always get access to your Web pages even if one route to your server is down. There is always a second or Failsafe host that allows you to access your Web site via a physically different path, thus ensuring much higher reliability.

Since Resolve Marine Group is an emergency response team, it was critical that their business software is available at all times. Even if there is an electricity outage in an area or their internet service provider is unable to provide an internet connection, they still need to communicate with each other through the use of cell phone modems and satellite cards.

In addition to the security provided by our hosting facility, our shared environment also provides database backup ever 6 hours, and total site file backup every 24 hours. Hosting a dynamic database driven website with full email capabilities usually requires more horsepower than a single server can handle. That is why we utilize a multi-tier hosting environment where you get a separate server for email, database and web files. Our fail-over High-Availability Cluster has a heartbeat that runs between the primary server and the backup- this ensures each server knows the status of the other while synchronizing their files at the same time. When one server detects a problem with another, the stable server does an IP takeover to assume the primary role. This happens so quickly that it is virtually undetectable to any user.


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