Custom Dedicated Windows Hosting

Redundant Email Hosting Alternatives

How important is your email? MVI email services are designed to be highly redundant. Your e-mail will be handled by a completely separate, yet fully integrated system that is on separate storage and hardware cluster. Our email system employs much of the same redundant technology our Redundant Hosting systems do. The frontend machines are interchangeable so if one physical machine were to fail it would simply and seamlessly start using the next server in line. We designed this system to compliment the redundant hosting offered to website owners.

MVI’s email hosting customers enjoy a fully redundant email hosting solution.  Our customers are hosted on a mail cluster meaning a copy of the data is written in real-time to two physical servers. This redundant hosted email system operates with backup and multiple servers and 3 system email backup storage.

Customers of MVI redundant email hosting solution are provided a full suite of features including: Webmail, email client access, mobile sync with 1000 different mobile handsets and calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes. For most companies businesses email is a vital communication tool that cannot be unavailable regardless of the situation. Backing up data is important as is redundancy or duplicate hardware in place online and ready for service.