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When T3 Power originally came to MVI, they had already begun the development of their manageable remote video advertising kiosks. MVI consulted with T3 Power on what their needs and requirements were and formulated a plan of attack on how to not only complete what T3 Power had begun but to also re-design and re-develop what had already been created in favor of a more robust and cost-efficient solution. MVI provided T3 Power a Linux-based dedicated server which was custom configured to work with the software that would interact with the remote kiosks to be managed.

A web-based management application which was built by MVI resides on the dedicated server and gives T3 Power the ability to dynamically manage and schedule ads playing on any of the kiosks they have deployed out in the field. This makes it easy for them to quickly push out new video content to all of the appropriate kiosks. The other portion of what MVI developed for T3 Power is the software that is installed on the kiosks themselves. This software connects back to the dedicated server at a set interval to check and see if there are any updates to the ads it is currently playing. If an update is detected then the new ads and schedule are downloaded and take effect after the ad that is currently playing finishes. This kiosk/server setup has been the foundation of T3 Power’s business and has provided everything required for a successful kiosk-based dynamic content delivery system.


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