Patient Wound Care Management Application

Wound care service providers are able to join the WOCN network and purchase wound care reviews for their patients.  This business management solution allows WOCN to expand their services around the country and allows wound care providers on-demand access to experts for wound care recommendations.

About the application

Using PHP and MySQL as the driving platform, a custom business management solution was created that allows WOCN to run and manage their wound care recommendation service anywhere in the United States without being there physically.  Site administrators are able to manage subscribers, clinicians, wound notes and recommendations.  The application also includes custom-built reports that allow the owners to view their subscriptions, clinician actions, notes submitted, and recommendations returned.

Subscribers are able to create wound care notes to be reviewed by their assigned wound care specialist.  The subscribers are notified via email once their recommendation is available and can then log in to their account to view the recommendation and print it out.  Subscribers are also able to run custom-built reports that allow them to view wound notes created and recommendations by wound care type.