Integration Via Web Portal

Legal Software Integration Via Web Portal

Facilitating data software integration or combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data becomes significant in a variety of situations, which include both commercials, legal and scientific domains.  Data integration appears with increasing frequency as the volume and the need to share existing data explodes.  It has become the focus of extensive theoretical work, attempting to resolve the practical issues that remain unsolved. In management circles, people frequently refer to data integration as “Enterprise Information Integration” or EII.

A data-integration solution may address this problem by considering the external resources as “virtual data integration”.  This means application developers construct a schema to best join the data into model subsets. Developers design adapters for each data source, and how it will match the conjoined source of data. These adapters simply transform the local query results into an easily processed form for the data integration solution.  When an application user queries the schema, the data-integration solution transforms this query into appropriate queries over the respective data sources.  The virtual database combines the results of these queries into the answer to the user’s query.

With the explosion of marketing services, channels and applications, getting a complete view of your customer can be challenging.  New source code integration makes it easy and fast.


  • Better understand your buyer
  • Achieve greater ROI through marketing automation
  • Extend your marketing investments

Integration offers a simple way to connect to a wide range of marketing and sales applications and services. Now you can automatically access insightful data and marketing analytics from tools such as Web conferencing platforms, social media services, customer data providers and CRM marketing applications.

In order to transfer Hindman Sanchez’s massive amount of data on a daily basis up to the custom-built web application, a small, light-weight Visual Basic application was built and installed on a machine located on HindmanSanchez’s network. Whenever this application is run, it uses a special ODBC driver to dump all relevant information to specially formatted text files.  The files are then compressed and then uploaded to the web application via HTTP upload.  Once uploaded, the files are uncompressed and then processed and loaded into their web application.

Clients are then able to login to their account and view account details specific to them and sees a history of their account notes and actions. The web application utilizes AJAX to populate the search field options as the user types into them, thus reducing the potential for search errors and saving the user time.

Benefits Include

  1. Employees save time and resources by having an automated solution continually updating their customer web interface.
  2. Clients are able to know the status of their account 24/7 without the need to wait on the phone for an answer.


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