Inventory Management

Headline Inventory Management

Small business inventory management, inventory tracking, inventory controls, and related procedures are not unique to your e-commerce checkout, or catalog fulfillment business. The engineering behind inventory management systems gives you the benefit of over 13 years of design, engineering and programming, specifically to handle the inventory control needs of thousands of e-commerce sales companies around the world.

We program simple quantity discounts to the most complex “product-of-the-month” club with pre-scheduled flat rate shipping of particular items.  Our inventory management software is embedded into multiple applications and or shopping carts is used today.  MVI expertise provides flexibility in setting up, tracking and pricing items.  MVI inventory management systems are not limited to the number of stock items you can have.

Inventory Management Features

MVI inventory manager gives you the ability to set-up virtually any item with just a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Drop Ship Inventory: track inventory items that you don’t actually stock yourself but are shipped directly to your customer by your supplier.
  • Inventory Items: manage inventory items that make up one product or as a set or group with a special price.
  • Monthly Plans: for programs that ship monthly where you determine what to shipped and when it needs to deliver.
  • Warehouse Location: set up warehouse picking preference for more advanced warehouse inventory management.
  • Payment Plans: for financial payment plans .
  • Fractional Quantity: for items sold by weight or length.
  • Inventory Service Items: control items with no physical inventory management required
  • Online Inventory Control: track inventory across e-commerce operations and catalog fulfillment even if you use eBay software, Google Checkout, Amazon E-commerce solution, popular third-party e-commerce software such as Yahoo, offsite fulfillment centers or shopping channels like Amazon fulfillment.
  • Subscriptions: you can track items like magazines and newsletters handling all printing mailing labels once a month for mailing each issue.
  • Taxable Items: whatever the sales tax law requires or intrastate sales taxes
  • Special Shipping Requirements: including items with their own unique shipping charges.

The book import tool saves the client time and money by reducing the effort to manually manage the books offered on their site since all book data is automatically pulled on a daily basis along with book updates occurring on a weekly basis.

The book import tool utilizes a data parser that opens the formatted text file containing the book data and inserts the book data into the site database while maintaining proper category assignment and robust data checking measures to ensure the data is formatted properly.

The import tool has allowed the client to expand their product offering by utilizing a third-party data feed of over 400,000 books. This tool made it possible.


Inventory theory and design may look complex, but essentially all that is required to implement an effective inventory management is an understanding of basic inventory processes, coupled with an effective application of industry best practices.  MVI Solutions believe the underlying principles involved, a reasonable implementation and sound design plan preplanned accomplish the goals as defined.

The programming processes and associated information form a logical sequence of activities that build on one another. The overall Integration model begins with a foundation that is focused on basic data integrity. From there, the concentration is on the practical application of work processes that rely on this data to establish a baseline for improvement. The following step is to develop realistic goals and action plans that will help control inventory and achieve those goals. The final step is to develop a periodic review process so that the model becomes self-sustaining through regular progress monitoring and continuous re-evaluation of objectives and action plans. All plans require these elements:

  • Prioritize inventory – recommended method is an ABC analysis based on usage.
  • Excess inventory – it is the level of on-hand inventory above the maximum quantity.
  • Cycle counting – an inventory verification technique
  • Baseline profile – a snapshot of investment, historical usage
  • Turnover and inventory goals – targets for future storeroom investment levels
  • Review monthly results – assessing status of key activities and analyzing recent results
  • Equipment bill of materials – parent/child relationships of all components
  • Usage data – historical information based on material issues
  • Inventory data – from the past inventory control system.
  • Stocking parameters – data that controls the quantity and timing of replenishment orders.

The overall Integrated Inventory Management model begins with a foundation that is focused on basic data integrity. From there, the concentration is on the practical application of work processes that rely on this data to establish a baseline for improvement.

MVI Inventory solution provides a complete inventory management solution; it helps you in tracking & controlling inventory items to ensure adequate supplies at all times. With the ability to track items by serial numbers, generate and print barcodes and track true costs, our solution will provide enhanced warehouse productivity.

  • Improve your warehouse inventory visibility.  Enhanced visibility decreases buffer stock, increases efficiency, and reduces footprint.
  • Real-time information delivery near 100% accuracy, eliminating waste and redundancy.
  • Increased labor efficiency through system-directed picking.  Pick rates are improved.  No more lost or misplaced inventory.  Accurate real-time data decreases or even eliminates cycle counts.
  • Improved order fulfillment & increased customer satisfaction resulting from fewer fulfillment errors and improved fulfillment cycles.
  • Optimized Inventory Levels
  • Increased visibility and control
  • Simplified Replenishment
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Cost-effective inventory management system for small warehouses.
  • Web Base System

This solution is customized to all users to maximize your effectiveness.

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