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Website design is one aspect of getting your web pages ready for public consumption. While having a pleasing and professional look to your site is important, there are other aspects of design that are even more crucial for your business. If the interface (buttons, links, and navigation) is not intuitive and simple for your visitors to use, they will leave your site before finding out what you can offer them. Studies show that Internet interface and graphic load time greatly influence the time a company will spend deciding whether your business offers what they need. You only have a few seconds to get their attention, explain what you do, and entice them to read more about your firms’ products and services.

After years of working with small business clients on the design of their home pages, we have learned how to consultant and satisfy their graphic goals for the design appearance of their site and make sure that the website loads quickly and that it is easy for Internet visitors to find what they need.

Our design will reflect your business, your current graphic artwork, company literature, and firm advertising and create a good look for your website that fits our consultant. If you are a new business or have not done a lot of looks and feel “branding” work, we will help you design the web style that effectively reflects your company capabilities and the expectations of your clients.

Often a professional company will want to see a lot of bells and whistles on their homepage and, while we strive to create an exciting flash and professional custom design based on our consultant, we always keep in mind the need to help your visitors find what they came for in the first place.

  • Graphics website design
  • Professional and custom web development
  • Affordable Flash software
  • Hundreds of E-commerce sites
  • Tier 1 hosting
  • Redesign is a specialty of MVI
  • Marketing to bring visitors
  • Effective Internet consultant

How We Work With You

After years of developing websites and web-based applications, our developers and project managers have honed the process for determining your needs, scoping your project, and developing to your standards.

Step 1

Needs assessment: This is the most crucial component of the development process. Whereas other development organizations will use standard techniques like asking you what you want on your site to begin building your project. we take a different approach. Our experience has shown that often what a client thinks they can do is far less than what is actually possible. Odds are that we have direct experience with your industry, goals, and problems and we will suggest ways make your website and your business run more smoothly. We take the time to understand how your business operates, to whom you sell your services and products, how you process orders, communicate with clients, and interact with employees. We review your current marketing efforts and see how we can match the website to your message and we suggest new and better ways reach your market. Our clients are often surprised at how much the process reveals about their true needs and that our review helps them not only develop a powerful website but also helps them streamline their operations.

Step 2

Project proposal: After we understand your needs and goals, we get to work creating a comprehensive proposal. The proposal will specify what we have learned and exactly what we will create for you. It outlines the milestones and deadlines our development team will meet and what we will need from you in terms of information, graphics, site copy, and much more.

Step 3

Development and Design: Now our expert developers and designers get into the details of the development of your site. Often other development teams will go to work and create your site and then ask you to review it. MVI operates much differently… We show you what we are doing as we are doing it. We get your approval on site layouts, user interaction, graphics created, etc. During the process, you are a part of the development team so that when completed, your site is everything you expected and more.

Step 4

Testing: Our development team then places the code and designs they have created on our staging server. Here is where we test and make sure that what we created works as promised. We test the interaction, the design, the interface and more to be sure that we deliver on your goals. Until the site is approved and running the way it should be, we do not launch. We ask for you to review the site and make sure that what we proposed in step 2 meets what we created.

Step 5

Launch: After testing, it is time to launch your site. Whether you use our web hosting service or that of another provider, we handle deploying your site to your domain and then running another series of tests to be sure that all is functioning properly.

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