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PHP 5.5 Web Programming

The PHP 5.5.0alpha2 is the newest release in the family of PHP programming. This release adds new features and fixes some bugs. PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 2 comes with new features and improvements such as:

  • Support for using empty on the result of function calls and other expressions,
  • Systemtap support by enabling system tap compatible DTrace probes on Linux,
  • Optimized access to temporary and compiled VM variables. 8% less memory reads.
  • Please, note that this alpha version also introduces the ext/MySQL depreciation.

General improvements:

  • Added system tap support by enabling system tap compatible DTrace probes on Linux.
  • Added support for using empty on the result of function calls and other expressions (
  • Optimized access to temporary and compiled VM variables. 8% less memory reads. (Dmitry)
  • The VM stacks for passing function arguments and syntactically nested calls were merged into a single stack. The stack size needed for array execution is calculated at compile time and reallocated at once. As result, all the stack push operations don’t require checks for stack overflow anymore.
  • This extension is now deprecated, and deprecation warnings will be generated when connections are established to databases via mysql_connect, mysql_pconnect, or through implicit connection: use MySQLi or PDO_MySQL instead ( (Adam)
  • Fixed bug #63590 (Different results in TS and NTS under Windows).
  • Enabled Apache 2.4 configure option for Windows

General improvements:

  • Added generators and coroutines (
  • Added “finally” keyword (
  • Add simplified password hashing API (
  • Added support for list in for each (
  • Added support for using empty on the result of function calls and other expressions (
  • Added support for constant array/string dereferencing.
  • Improve set_exception_handler while doing the reset.
  • Remove php_logo_guid, php_egg_logo_guid(), php_real_logo_guid, zend_logo_guid().
  • Drop Windows XP and 2003 support.
  • Added boolval.
  • Added “Z” option to pack/unpack.
  • Implemented FR #60738 (Allow ‘set_error_handler’ to handle NULL).
  • Added optional second argument for assert to specify the custom message.
  • Fixed bug #18556 (Engine uses locale rules to handle class names).
  • Return the previous handler when passing NULL to set_error_handler a set_exception_handler.

PHP Programming

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

MVI’s staff offers advanced PHP and MySQL programming.

PHP / MySQL programming is one of the hottest scripting languages to be found on the Internet today. The fact that PHP code can be inserted directly alongside HTML makes the language all the more convenient for programmers to use. Not to mention PHP is open source and free from costly licensing fees and when used in combination with MySQL, PHP can accomplish almost the identical things as an ASP.NET/MSSQL configuration.

Much of PHP / MySQL programming is a combination of Perl, Java and C concepts. Some features of using PHP include performing sophisticated mathematical calculations, providing network information, offering mail and regular expression capabilities, and much more.

The strongest feature of PHP is its database interfacing capability, particularly with MySQL. Connecting a database to the Internet has never been so easy. What’s more, it supports many of the most popular database servers on the market, including MySQL (perhaps the most powerful and most affordable database server solution found on the market today).

PHP Programmers

MVI has a stable of experienced PHP programmers that can develop custom PHP applications, modify existing applications or simply fix PHP applications that are not working properly. In simple terms, MVI is your source for custom PHP applications. In many cases, our clients have been dissatisfied with the service of another PHP programmer and have come to us for help. If you are need of a reliable and experienced PHP programmer/programming team, then call MVI today at 1.877.633.9536 x2.

PHP Projects

Why use PHP for your web application needs? For starters, it is a much more affordable solution. From building a shopping cart application to acting as the foundation to a complex database-driven website application, PHP has many useful applications and is regarded as one of the more search engine friendly dynamic languages. MVI has designed many custom PHP applications, PHP shopping carts and PHP database-driven website applications for our clients. For additional information please contact our offices at 877-633-9536 x2.

Additional Information About PHP Programming

For those of you unfamiliar with PHP programming and its many applications, PHP is a script language and interpreter that is used primarily on Linux web servers. The acronym PHP, previously derived from “Personal Home Page Tools”, now stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP programming is an alternative to Microsoft’s Active Server Page (ASP) technology. As with ASP, PHP script is dynamic and embedded within a web page along with static HTML. Before the web page is sent to a user, the web server calls PHP interpreter to perform the operations called for in the PHP script, which can be any number of custom PHP applications including retrieving information from a MySQL database or connecting customers to a fully interactive PHP shopping cart.

Call MVI today at 1.877-633-9536 x2.

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