Accelerated Mobile Pages – Future of The Mobile Internet

Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP, for short) is a project from Google and Twitter designed to make really fast mobile pages.  Fundamentally a stripped-down form of HTML page using lightweight critically components.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) was derived from the need of websites and technology companies to improve the mobile responsive content delivery.   With the key goals to load valuable content super fast and be easy to navigate. In the real world, the mobile user is impatient and abandons sites that are slow loading.   Accelerated Mobile Pages are web pages designed to load instantaneously – they are a major step towards the ultimate future of the internet which is mobile viewing.

The Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Speed is so important on the internet that we will not dwell on its advantages.  Analytics Research shows bounce are over 50% in many of the largest websites.  With AMP Speed matters and instant is the ideal. Given the choice, a visitor will always migrate to the site with speedy downloads versus 5 seconds download times.  The AMP platform also promotes enhanced distribution so editors can fulfill the web’s potential across all platforms leading to increased revenue.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Methodology

Accelerated Mobile Pages are HTML, but with a restricted set of functionality that is defined.   Just like all web pages, AMP will load in any modern browser taking advantage of numerous technical and architectural code that provide speed to for users. The goal is to construct common technical code that advances load times.  Additionally, AMP can be cached in the cloud to decrease the time to display on a mobile device. The AMP setup enables content to be cached by third parties. Utilizing the AMP framework, publishers/websites control their content, allowing others to effortlessly cache or mirror content for optimum delivery.  Google provides industry cache at no cost and certainly, competitors such as CloudFlare will build their own cache.

What makes AMP so fast?

Many HTML tags you just can’t use. No forms. Streamlined version of CSS. You can use most of CSS, but some parts are just not allowed. JavaScript is basically not allowed at all. You have to use an off-the-shelf JavaScript library that AMP provides.  The whole platform is designed just for pure readability, pure speed. Images don’t load until they’re scrolled into view, JavaScript does all that for you. We anticipate in the future the JavaScript library is built into operating systems. And then all of this is designed to be really heavily cached so that Google can host these pages, host your actual content right there, and so they don’t even need to fetch it from you anymore.

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