Why extended team?

Need a Team of software developers, project managers, support staff or QA experts to complete your next project quickly and cost effectively?

Build prototype

You want to build a prototype app to raise more funds or to see the response of a small set of customers on the product idea you have.

Rebuild app

You want to re-build a project in a tight deadline and spending less money.

Experiment with ideas

You want to experiment on new ideas and extensions for current product without increasing the work load on your core team.

Manage dev team

You want someone to hire and manage good developers for your projects but don’t want to rely on traditional outsourcing websites.

Build for social good

You want to build project for social good with a minimum fixed amount of money to spend.

Tackle budget constraint

Your development goals are constantly changing, and you want to build new projects or add new features every year without significantly increasing yearly budget.

Benefits of extended team

Do you need staff to supplement your in-house team — fill a vacancy quickly — build a prototype — rebuild an app — tackle budget constraints? MVI offers solutions without increasing the work load on the in-house development.

Spend less

Complete projects in due time by spending 30-60% less than onsite development expense.

No worries

Keep assured to not experience hassles and worries of traditional outsourcing.

Right combination

Choose the right developer with right skill- set before signing contract and discontinue in any month.

Scale anytime

Rapidly scale development efforts while keeping control over the development process and retaining intellectual rights over product idea, data and code.

Why Choose MVI Solutions?

MVI Solutions is a USA based software company doing business since 1998, and a Google Partner. We provide and manage, skilled and knowledgably software developers, support staff and QA experts, who work for you from MVI’s Offshore Development Center on a fixed monthly fee.

Our model of decentralized work force is based on MVI’s proven development strategies, providing remote staff in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We hire talented developers, educate them to your business requirements and manage them for you. Let us demonstrate a solution that SAVES YOU MONEY.


As we do full time work as a software development team, we can help you to choose the right programming language, libraries and frameworks for your project. Combining “Agile” methodology with well-established standard technology stack, we are confident in making your project successful.

Small Start

We encourage our clients to follow “Lean Startup” methodology to build products on incremental process. This process already helped many of our customers in achieving success from their product ideas. As the owner of the product you can decide which feature to build next.

Contract Flexibility

There are no restrictions imposed on development team. Within the monthly contract you can re-use a developer to different tasks based on agreement of technology stack for that developer.


At MVI Solutions our goal is to make clients successful. So, after contracting you should consider our developers as your personal team members. We give same treatment to client projects as we give to our in-house projects. We use industry standard tools like JIRA (project management), Confluence (documentation), Bit bucket (version control), Jenkins (continuous integration) etc.

Specialties of our team

We operate a developer friendly work environment, with high speed Internet connectivity, top quality equipment customized for each project plus superior management. MVI’s knowledgably Offshore Development staff is a good solution for development and/or maintenance responsibility.

Communication skill

Developers have excellent verbal and written communication skill in English

Trial period

Interviews and trial periods are offered before signing agreement for a developer.

System administrator

In house server administrator to handle configuration and deployment needs.

Regular updates

Regular daily / weekly meeting with the developer and project manager.

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