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MVI Solutions provides responsible and affordable marketing, consulting, support, and website design development services specifically for businesses. MVI understands the challenges that many business owners face. Business owners are experts in their particular line of business, while few are educated in marketing their businesses.

MVI marketing consulting begins with understanding, listening, and asking questions. Those questions begin the process which enables MVI to understand the clients past and present situation, the business and marketing objectives, the present and future expectations, the budget to accomplish the objectives, and the timeline involved in accomplishing these goals.

Some business owners associate marketing to advertising. Other business owners think that advertising is the end all, for their marketing efforts. Marketing is a multifaceted skill set with different approaches. MVI will create, execute and measure the success of all our marketing activities.

Focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means you must have knowledge, results and data. Analytics can answer the questions that the client request. MVI Solutions has more than 16 years of hands-on, real-life marketing experience. This experience can help your business grow.

Humboldt Manufacturing is a company that produces upwards of 1 million dollars in sales from the website. Humboldt approached MVI as an existing mvi Live Stats customer seeking consulting services. After using mvi Live Stas for a short period of time Humboldt staff realized the value of the information provided by mviLive Stats.

MVI was hired to utilize that information and provide consulting services directing Humboldt in how to maximize their website’s potential. Even though much work had been done on there was plenty of room for improvement. MVI Consultants provided a 10-page report to Humboldt staff guiding website improvements necessary for search engine optimization.

Humboldt Reply:
MVI does not charge enough for the services they provide!?
-Robin Bailey

Enterprise Level Web Development Services and Support
MVI solutions has been developing web projects for the last 23 years. We have taken 161 companies from scratch and made their business successful, many of them are turning millions. We are consultants, developers, system administrators, technical support and Google Partners. With staff in many countries and states in USA.
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