Cloudflare HTTPS & Security

With the ease of tools such as CloudFlare, it is really easy to set up and enforce https which not only makes your site secure but makes your users feel comfortable with the lock icon displaying in the browser.

CloudFlare Pros and Cons


  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free CDN just by signing up.
  • Records.
  • Free Static Content minification.
  • Built-in advanced Cryptography features.
  • DNN Performance Increase.
  • Search Engine Optimization.


  • You need to use CloudFlare as your nameserver.
  • You have to use CloudFlare to configure your DNS.
  • You have to get over CloudBleed.

MVI tries to configure all websites with Cloudflare because the SSL support and CDN are both huge and the performance increase is apparent. Here are some considerations:

  • Serve any HTTP routes?
  • Serve any images that are external links over HTTP
  • There is a trend here on my checklist
  • Reference external routes or libraries such as a javascript library that is linked over HTTP
  • Do anything of HTTP