Floor Plan

2D Floor Plan (Black & White)

We prepare Black and White, 2D floor plans that provide a exact image of your property floor plan. The uncluttered 2D floor plans can be inserted into brochures, printed sales material or word documents easily.

2.5D Floor Plan (Black & White)

Two and one half dimension, floor plan provides 2-dimensional graphical presentations, that appear to have the depth of a 3D floor plan. These floor plans are ideal for brochure and pamphlets. Providing a realistic visualization.

3D Floor Plan (Add on)

3D floor plans add glamor to the dull 2D architectural drawings. Black and white 2D drawings often have confusing and unattractive text information that hinders the aesthetics of the floor plan. 3D renderings are easy to understand, and more attractive.

What you will have to provide us ?

  • Layout of the floor plan in hand drawn sketch or technical blueprint image.
  • Optional: Logo if you want it to be shown in the processed files.

What you will receive ?

We will provide you with the following after job is processed -

  • One 2D floor plan per floor in PNG format.
  • One 2.5D floor plan per floor in PNG format.
  • All floor plan in a single PDF file.
  • Logo on bottom right corner.