Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind MVI 3D?

MVI 3D is owned by MVI Solutions Inc., a Florida based software company. MVI is a world class, interactive originator of strategies employed to harvest maximum value in the digital marketplace. MVI Solutions is a team of super bright professionals who are all veterans of the Information Technology industry. We bring the perfect mix of web technologies, best practices and cutting-edge techniques to your new or developing business.

What is MVI 3D?

MVI 3D is a software and 3D design company providing high quality web-based software solutions and tailor made 2D and 3D floor plans. Our award-winning team has more than 75 years of combined experience. Our team of experts takes care of every aspect of your project from start to finish, and we are always available so that you can always conveniently contact someone on our team to discuss your design, ideas and company. MVI has received award for Excellence in IT Leadership, awarded by IT Florida a public private partnership that assists the state’s Congressional Delegation, the Governor, the Legislature, and other similar public policy and economic development organizations.

For whom this service is for?

Clean empty (no furniture) and appealing outfitted (furnished) 2D and 3D arrangements will help homebuyers to get a feeling of the space's format, orientation and permit individuals to comprehend the space's potential in better way. Furthermore, carefully made and improved 2D/3D pictures make a coveted character and manner of language through professional illustration, which will help advertise the house to sought target bunches. MVI 3D floorplans are utilized by real estate brokers/agents, managers, developers, photographers and interior planners. New expert groups, for example, indoor positioning / navigation software companies, home automation builders and even VR and Augmented Reality service professionals are increasingly finding our service useful.

What is the cost?

MVI3D Floor plan price range starts from USD 46.99 up to 3000 sq ft of your space. On the off chance that your home, condo, or business space is more than 3000 sq ft, we charge one US cent for each additional square foot that surpasses 3000.

I have no idea about the size of my space, what to do?

In the event that you are uncertain whether your space is under or more than 3000 sq ft, please send your source materials to We'll investigate and get back to you.

I want room dimensions but I don't know the sizes of the rooms. What do I do?

We are just ready to include room measurements when we get that data from the source material. In case you want any other dimension, please compose and draw those on your supplied source document.

I might want to get the room marks added to my floor arranges. What do I do?

We give most broad default room names, for example, kitchen, dining room, room, WC etc. On the off chance that you might want to have more particular room marks, for example, master room and so forth please compose and draw those on your supplied source document.

I might want to get my floor arrange without room names or measurements. What do I do?

Specify this in your request and you will get a perfect, unlabelled floor plan.